Step by Step Guide to Running Project Meetings Like a Pro

FREE Easy-to-Follow Guide Giving You the Steps to Run Amazing Meetings

Guide to Running Great Meetings

Learn how to run effective project meetings from someone who has years of experience. 

Leigh Espy has over 15 years experience working as a project manager, leading projects and teams to success. She's led projects of various sizes (from small initiatives to multi-million dollar international projects) and has learned the tricks of the trade to ensure that project meetings are run effectively and smoothly. 

"The Meeting Guidelines are comprehensive, and will be especially helpful for those new to running meetings. And I love the checklist- it's a great reference for even seasoned staffers." 

Aimee Lewis, Vice President of External Affairs at Planned Parenthood, Greater Memphis Region

"Leigh is warmth and encouragement personified. And she LOVES Project Management!" 

Girija Satyanarayan, Educator, Health & Wellness

Inside You'll Learn:

What to do each step of the way to make sure your meetings are the most productive they can be.  

How to run great project meetings and showcase your stellar leadership skills. Increase your confidence knowing that you lead meetings that provide real value. 

The EXACT ACTIONS you need to take before, during and after the meetings to run effective meetings that move your projects forward.

The specific tactics it takes others years to figure out. Sometimes even those with many years of experience don't even figure out all the information included in this one guide.  

One surefire way to make sure your meetings are valuable. (This is something you're likely NOT doing today.)

Additionally, get a one-page CHECKLIST to use for each meeting to ensure you've covered all the important steps for successful and productive meetings!.

"If you follow the information in this guide, you'll never conduct a poorly-run meeting again. If you are a victim of badly-run meetings, print this guide and leave it in the bad meeting runner's seat. If you are the bad meeting runner, stop! Read this guide and follow it to the letter. (Although I would note that Leigh left out that it never hurts to offer food.) 

Annette Mertens, Solutions Marketing Manager, Dematic


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